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Cash Flow Spreadsheets provide all the "cash flow reports and forecasts" you need to forecast your exact cash position each day up to 120 days ahead with quick look up of any daily balance 1-120 days forward using simple listing of payables and receivables. Plus consolidation of five subsidiary offices or divisional daily cash reports into one combined cash flow report. Plus two free bonus spreadsheets calculate the NPV and IRR of investment cash flow forecasts. Cash Flow Excel Spreadsheets also contain Cash Flow Accounting and Cash Burn 150 day Forecasting Spreadsheets.


Two Excel business applications for the price of one :

Business Cash Flow Reporting

Business Cash Flow Reporting supplies six plug in templates for managers to enter daily cash sales, returns & allowances, receivables, other receipts.
Supplies 25 expense items including wages, pensions, staff salaries, employee benefits, insurances, materials and supplies, security, office expenses.

Capital purchases, loan repayments, non recurring costs and amounts to escrow.
Business Cash Flow Reporting compute daily balances and updates month to date balances.
Each of five spreadsheets are consolidated into the final combined Cash Flow report, which display daily combined totals for all headings above and the net cash position each day.
NPV/IRR modelling cash flows for up to 60 years and 120 months.

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Cash Flow Forecasting

Cash Flow Forecasting provides the complete plug in tools for cash flow management, supplies all the following:

Calculator 1: Present value of cash to be received in the future. (Adjust delayed cash receipts for inflation).

Calculator 2: Late payment charge between any two dates calculated at any interest rate.

Calculator 3: Future value of a cash amount compounded from todays date.

Calculator 4: Future value of a cash amount compounded between any two dates.

120 days cash forecasting spreadsheet: Excel grid forecasts your cash balances on any date between 1-120 days from any starting date following entry of payables and receivables and days due. Quick view forecasts any number of days ahead and summary cash flow totals for the entire period.

Plus: Payables/Receivables conversion foreign currency to/from your local currency: If you import or export goods in a foreign currency and need to convert your receivables and payables into your local currency at the most recent exchange rate, use these plug in templates to calculate your current total receivables/payables in your currency. Latest exchange rates are updated daily using Excels Import web data toolbar.

Plus: Adjustable Investment Cash Flow Forecasting spreadsheet: Use this spreadsheet to prepare capital project cash flows. Calculate net present values and internal rate of return. You can adjust cash flow out and cash flow in by simply entering any percentage variances and the spreadsheet recalculate all balances and rates of return.
Plus: Working Capital Cash Requirement spreadsheets.

Calculator table: Enter your days sales outstanding forecast, days inventories outstanding forecast and days payables outstanding forecasts, for any period, plus sales forecast and the calculator displays working capital cash requirements and changes in cash requirements for five consecutive annual periods starting at any date.

EBITDA Forecasting spreadsheet: Templates forecast monthly sales by product, gross margin, company expenses and EBITDA, EBIT, Cash Flows and profit/loss.

Daily Cash Flow Forecast spreadsheet:

A quick way to calculate daily cash balances using payables receipts and cash expenses out.

Additional Information

Budget-Calc PRO provides managers with quick ready to use Excel templates for preparing investment plan forecasts, profit/loss plans/budgets, cash flow forecasts, sales and productivity plans, capital budget spreadsheets, plus loan repayment amortization and depreciation tables for Excel.

Budget-Calc PRO supplies ten spreadsheets that provide you with quick answers when you need immediate cash flow, profit/loss and investment forecasting, budgeting and reporting templates for Excel.

The Cash Flow Forecasting supplies annual income/expenditures/tax schedules/depreciation calculations/loan repayment/financing costs tables for cash flow forecasting for any period up to 15 years with quick changes to A/R, A/P and inventory levels available to calculate year end cash balances under any variation of business forecasts. This spreadsheet calculates shareholder's rate of return yield from any budget forecast and can be used to value any business budget or acquisition. Uses dynamic loan

amortization and asset depreciation calculation tables to flow annual loan balances, interest costs and/or annual depreciation data into the forecasting template if you wish to prepare investment budgets with loan/mortgage financing and/or a capital-purchasing plan. This budget calculator is particularly useful for companies with revenues in the $1-$25 million range.

Budget-Calc PRO supplies 12 month profit and loss budget forecast for any business using 12 month income/gross profit margins/expense categories forecasts, reporting budget - actual monthly results, average monthly sales, expenses and profit/loss. There are 10 income categories and 100 expense categories, which can be expanded by the user.

The 3 month cash flow template provides 91 day forecasting of A/R receipts and A/P outflows with forecast daily closing bank balances and check number tracking for each payable. Set any starting date and this template automates the creation of your cash flow forecast between any dates. Can be used for quick reconciliation of bank balances to book balances.

The capital budget template provides a quick way to prepare and present a capital budget, with fast changes available for resetting key assumptions to fine tune cash flow forecasts. Calculates Net Present Values and the annual rate of return.

The productivity spreadsheet provides budgets and forecasts for work outputs per cost center combining man hours used and man hours costing to calculate labor productivity. This template supplies budgets and actual data columns for employee cost variance calculations.

The sale performance budget template provides 12 months sales and sales expenses budget forecast for a sales force.

Includes a direct sales expense performance budget. The Excel loan amortization table supplied as the final worksheet can be used to calculate reducing monthly loan balances and interest costs for any loan/mortgage between 2 months and 360 month repayment term. Cash Flow Budgeting provides cash flow budgeting workbooks plus Excel tables supplying depreciation and loan amortization data for preparing investment forecasts, profit/loss budgets, cash flow forecasts, capital budgets, sales, 91 day AP/AR forecasts and annual employee productivity plans quickly and accurately. (FASB 141 & 142 goodwill & intangible variable depreciation tables included).

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Cash Flow Forecasting Excel Spreadsheets Middle View

Cash Flow Forecasting Excel Spreadsheets Large View

Recent changes in US accounting regulations regarding treatment of goodwill and intangible assets (FASB 141 & 142) require goodwill and intangibles to be separately accounted, and for intangibles to be depreciated over their assumed life of value. Two additional asset depreciation tables provided with Budget-Calc PRO supply variable term depreciation calculations for new and partly written down assets and a Goodwill register accounting for impairment adjustments.

Run the fixed asset depreciation table for any number of months (maximum 180) to calculate individual and total written down asset values and cumulative depreciation calculated over any period.


We have released upgrades to this product by adding in our new Business Budgets PRO spreadsheets. Business Budgeting PRO helps you prepare a 12 month business budget in double quick time. Includes actual monthly reporting and variance analysis for the current month and cumulative total and variances year to date.

Over 30 product rows and 100 expense categories plus cost of sales for each product/service line.

We called this new product Cash Flow Bonus Pack for Excel. It contains two financial applications for Excel, rather than one.

System Requirements

Requires Excel 97 / Excel 2000 / Excel XP / Excel 2003 or later or MS Office 97 or later.

Platform : Windows XP/2000/2003 or later or Mac  


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Cash Flow Bonus Pack for Excel

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