Consolidated Budgeting

Consolidated Profit Center Budgeting.

Developed by the team retained as consultants by companies in the UK, USA and Canada to negotiate investment financing from banks, investors & corporate partnerships - 100% success this Excel workbook provides you with the right way to prepare a quick budget plan to present to investors.

Plus 24 Self Teaching Documents Start a Hospitality Business - Start up cost estimator financial costs estimator food costs estimator market research cost estimator financial plan skill assessment estimator to get you started with a new hospitality business.

Budgeting Workbook.

This quick plan yields financials that will give your potential investors the positive belief that you are pinpointing key factors that will have a major influence on actual results, identifying SKU volumes, tonnages, prices, semi variable cost ratios and fixed costs burden with drill down costing in detail and working capital throughout the plan. Produces cash flow schedules.

Business Budgeting Excel Templates

Business Budgeting Excel Templates

Consolidation Budgeting Additional Information

System Requirements

Excel 2000 or  above and MS Windows XP/2000/2003 or later.


Please note that you also may want to purchase our 'Financial Excel Collection' - large collection of financial programs - as it contains this product.

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Additional Information: Consolidated Budgeting with Excel

Consolidated Budgeting


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