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Instant Balance Sheets provides 12 month revenue and expense forecasts spreadsheet, linked to working capital forecasts, fixed asset purchases with monthly depreciation. Creates monthly balance sheets and cash flow forecasts from your plans.

Ideal for when you want to turn your monthly profit and loss forecasts or last 12 months data into monthly and year end balance sheets and cash flows.

Start by entering monthly inputs of Unit Volumes/Prices/Cost of Sales and Company Expenses (100 rows). There are quick and easy working capital and fixed capital forecast spreadsheets provided.

All monthly balance sheets “balance” by transferring changes occurring between successive monthly periods into the monthly cash flow spreadsheet. The cash flow schedule tracks changes for all twelve monthly balance sheets and calculates the balancing cash position at the end of each month.

If you want to transform 12 month financials (historical or forecast) into neat income schedules and balance sheets to display to management, investors, lenders, banks, use Instant Balance Sheets for really quick results.

Provides a forward looking planning suite which accepts monthly unit volume forecasts, different product prices and cost of sales for the 12 month period and a monthly company expenses forecast. You can predict sales days outstanding, inventory levels and percentage of sales supporting receivables.

Provides a demo version which shows you how everything fits together.

You can select immediate download or the CD edition.

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System Requirements

Platform : Windows XP/Me/9x/NT/2000/2003  or Mac OS.

Web Data Requires: Excel 2000 or later and MS Windows XP/2000/2003 or later.


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Instant Balance Sheets Excel Templates


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