Excel Add-ins File Collection

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With these powerful Add in files for Microsoft Excel you enhance your Excel with extra capabilities that are well beyond standard Microsoft Excel features:

Add page indexes to link all spreadsheets together.
Add Reminder notes. Like those little yellow pads, bring reminders messages into your Excel at preset times and dates.
Add formulas list with links to each formula cell.
Manage cell ranges with more options than provided by Microsoft.
Convert imported numbers to true Excel formats.
Hide zeros, Hide text, hide numbers, hide negatives, hide positives with one click.
Create one year Excel 365 days calendars.
Manage List duplicates, number formats and equations much more efficiently and make Excel work faster for you.
Convert vertical number sequences into horizontal rows with one click.
Copy data to a different part of your spreadsheets keeping the orginal cell references. the same
File size reduction to save disk space.

Excel Add-ins Collection

Cash Flow Accounting


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System Requirements

Requires MS Excel 97 or later

Platform : Windows XP/Me/9x/NT/2000/2003 or Mac OS

30 day money-back guarantee!

Additional Information: Management Add-Ins For Excel

Excel Add-Ins File Collectionl

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